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The photographic work

Started to work with black & white photography in the late 1980´s.

First exhibition in October 2000 in Heidelberg (DE), with the title "LandLeben", followed by two in Berlin.

"LantLiv". The pictures have also been shown in Sweden, where several of them were taken over the years: at Lidehäll and Nibble Gård close to Enköping and at the Hercules office in Helsingborg.

In November 2002 exhibition no. 8 was in the town hall in Scharnebeck (Lower Saxony, DE). A selection of earlier exhibited pictures is hanging at Lidingby Gård (Enköping, SE). Currently some pictures are exhibited at the „Kunstroute Zijpe“.

These photos are from the past 15 years, a selection from the archive. The currently exhibited photos are also part of a new project about “trees and wood”.

Photos document, photos tell (stories). Continuity and change. A notebook in black & white, and a visual diary. While travelling and nearby (in Germany and Sweden).

With a title one can describe, explain, but also stimulate or direct the view into a certain direction. The title also tells a/his part of the story.

Deliberately no geographic information is given, so that the observer is not influenced. Exoticness may not be a rule of its own. The alienation of the known (or the unknown around the corner) can be more exotic than the alleged exotic.

Many of the pictures are part of a series. Series often tell much more than a single picture. Series can show a theme very versatile, from various sides.